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Winter sprinkler shut down inspections.

May 1st through to July 31 st Set price inspection fee includes Controller programming, Master solenoid integrity checking and discounted repairs where repairs are required.

Sprinkler pre-summer servicing.

August 1st through to September 30th. Sprinkler  adjustments and cleaning around after winter growth spurts of both lawn and gardens. Repairs where required when system storm damaged ect. Done before the 1st of October when you can sometimes wait up to 4 weeks to get help.

Reticulation Lawn & Garden dry spot issues.

Diagnosis and repair of dry spots. Re-arrange sprinklers or replace where required to create all important matched precipitation.

Reticulation system broken things.

Pipe work, Black Poly lines, PVC White lines all sizes.  Old dicon pipe all sizes, Lawn & garden sprays ect

Reticulation Controller issues.

Programming, electrical integrity testing, Storm damage issues de-power re-power and or  replacement.

Reticulation – System not working issues.

Diagnosis and repairs of controller output issues, broken wiring, failed master or field solenoids, squashed pipes ect

Reticulation – Station or Zones not working.

Location and replacement of faulty field solenoids. No plan required

Reticulation system – Solenoid location and or replacement.

No plan required.

Reticulation – Sprinklers have no pressure:

Diagnosis and repair of system low pressure issues. Squashed pipes, inferior sprinklers, Bore pressure loss ect

Reticulation system – Unseen leak detection:

Detection of water loss below the ground. Both when the system is off but the water meter is still ticking over or for excessive water bills where leaks can’t be seen but happen when the system is running.

Reticulation – System won’t shut down.

Classification Urgent Assistance. Same day turn around Monday to Friday. Weekend call outs incur extra fees.

Reticulation – Bore problems

System runs but no water seen, System comes up then drops back down, System has no pressure, Bore loses its prime, re bores and new installations. ect (Licensed driller supplied to do our work)

Reticulation – Electrical issues

Controller 240 volt wired replacements or installations. Bore electrical disconnects or electrical equipment diagnosis and replacement. (Licensed electrician supplied to do our work)

Reticulation – New Irrigation System Installations

Domestic & Commercial between May and July.

Reticulation or Irrigation Warranty

Every thing we do comes with a 12 month Manufacturers parts and workmanship warranty. This includes our service and repair work and our new installations.

All products used are used based on my 14 years of experience in the industry. I don’t expect to be called back to the same repair again for many years.

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