Sprinkler Ban Infomation

Sprinkler Ban Infomation

June 22, 2017 Every Thing Reticulation 0

Perth Winter Sprinkler Bans

Come the 1st of June every year all mains fed irrigation systems should be turned off and remain off until the 1st of September every year.

Bores can be and should be set to water once a week for 2 mins per station on one of your scheduled watering days in the week. This will help to stop un-welcome damage to the bore from lack of use and it will keep the water in the bore whole flushed and refreshed.

System repairs and new installations can still be done during winter providing the company or contractor doing the repairs or installation is a genuine recognised participant in the irrigation industry.

Perth’s Summer Watering Schedules or Allowances

Currently systems off the mains are allowed two days a week while systems off the bore are allowed three days a week during summer watering periods

All watering has to be done after 6 pm or before 9 am in the morning

For more information on sprinkler bans please visit the
Water Authority Sprinkler Bans Page Here!

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