Reticulation Standards Are Not The Same – Are you paying too much?


Reticulation standards are not the same – are you paying too much

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Over the years I have seen some pretty atrocious workmanship but I was flabbergasted that a high profile property maintenance company who promote themselves as competent landscapers and reticulation installers and repairers would leave their client high and dry like they did.

I visited their web site after finding them on the front page of google and found even more issues. They had pictures of their recent irrigation repairs where they had installed the clients concrete surrounds in upside down.

This same company is looking to become a water wise contractor. I guarantee they won’t present this clients job for assessment by the water wise people.

It has cost my new client more money to have all her sprinklers and the pipe work where required lowered so that the installation can be called a professional job allowing her to mow her lawn with out the consequence of breaking sprinklers each time she does.