Reticulation Pre-Summer-Servicing


So what is a garden reticulation pre-summer service?

A Reticulation Pre-Summer Service is an annual inspection and repair of the your irrigation system done in the last week of August and early September every year.

It is probably one of the most important services to do every year after a long winter of storms and rapid growth through out your gardens has prevailed.

Clients who have had birthdays done by us the year before lock us in to start up their systems come the last week of August or before their first scheduled watering day to clean around all their lawn and garden sprays and raise or adjust them where required. This allows us to deal with any other issues that invariably come up on some of our older systems like leaking or faulty solenoids, storm damaged controllers, etc. And of course to turn on their systems for summer watering.

Pre- Summer Servicing has become very popular with our clients and the number of clients keeping their irrigation systems in good working order on a regular basis is growing very rapidly. This I believe is because;

1) Once they see what we have done in bringing their system back into shape they realise letting other people play with their systems is an expensive exercise. Replacing items with out knowing what to replace them with leaves us with no choice but to start again. Unfortunately this happens a lot on un monitored systems.

2) They enjoy the stress free watering that they get every summer while their system is maintained in good working order like it was when they first had it installed all those years ago..

3) They deal with the wear, tear and old age issues that systems inevitably have early rather than later when plants are literally dying before their eyes and water has been flowing down the street for longer than it should have….AND no one is available to them for up to 3 weeks at a time from October on wards!!

4) They know that being a current client means that get preference over other new customers when things are really busy and they need someone there in a hurry. Turn around times for our current clients are always very prompt because they take priority over our other new customers.

Annual servicing makes sense and contributes to having effective healthy money saving garden sprinkler reticulation irrigation all year round.

Thank you kindly
Tim Meade

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Note: We message or call our clients twice a year for all important money saving shut down and start up servicing. This keeps their systems in tip top shape and helps them avoid lengthy waits for service when the season proper takes off in late September. Please select your contact type for this free twice a year courtesy call here. No thanks is require if you don't want these call backs.
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