Reticulation Controller Problems

Reticulation Controller Problems

July 2, 2017 Every Thing Reticulation 0

Reticulation: Control Box Problems or Issues

Call us to diagnose your control box problems. Did you know that just because you can’t see anything on your control boxes screen it doesn’t necessarily mean that it requires replacing.

Countless control boxes every season are replaced by in-experienced or just plain dishonest tradesmen who want sell you a new control box rather than spend 5 minutes to try and reset your control box first for you when they know how it is done.

Reticulation control boxes are some what like computers in that they will most times respond to being de-powered and re-powered. Technicians from K&K Reticulation Services will always de-power and re-power a control box first before they decide it needs to be replaced. This job in most cases can be done in less than 15 minutes including re-programming control boxes that respond to this repair.

As you can imagine if your controller responds favourably the cost of it’s repair is significantly less then the cost of the removal and replacement of your old controller box

Common Reticulation Control box issues can include problems like.

  • My system runs on after the cycle should be finished
  • One of my zones don’t come on
  • I have multiple zones going at the same time
  • My system stops watering half way through the first cycle

For fast efficient appraisal and repair of your controller issues call us on 65580357 or book us via the form below.

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