Reticulation Winter Shutdown Inspections

Did you know….

The Water Authority mandates that all reticulation systems be properly stepped down for the duration of the sprinkler ban period – Ignoring their requests could lead to a possible fine.

What is a Winter Shutdown Inspection?

A Winter Shutdown Inspection is a very important part of what should be your annual maintenance cycle. It is a set of system integrity checks we do to make sure your system is working for you – not against you.

All systems whether Bore or Mains, should be checked at least once a year for unseen leaks. This could be a leak in a station while it is running. Worse still there could be a leak in the system while it is off. As you can imagine a leak of this type on a mains system could be very expensive. Every year we find and repair many unseen leaks.

Maintenance and the regular flow of water through a bore is also crucial to the health and state of that bore. Problems like algae or fungal buildup and loss of prime to name just a few can be reduced or avoided, significantly reducing your risk of issues in the future. The Water Authority makes allowances for Bore systems to be set up with a maintenance cycle. If this is done correctly, you don’t run the risk of fines.

What is included in a Winter Shutdown Inspection?

  • Carry out a full system inspection including master solenoid integrity checks.
  • Check controller programming and set for winter watering schedules where required.
  • Supply a current condition report including photos if works are required.
  • Supply discounted servicing – 10% off parts & labour for works done during May, June & July only
  • Quality workmanship with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee on parts & workmanship.
  • Peace of mind to know what you might need to do between now and next summer if you don’t do the repairs now.

What if my system has been leaking?

In the event that your system has been leaking, it’s not all doom and gloom. Because leaks can go undetected for weeks or even months, the Water Authority has a leak allowance rebate program for you to claim some of your water bills back on. We will arrange for the appropriate forms to be issued where applicable for possible rebates from the Water Authority.

What does a Winter Shutdown Inspection cost?

Our call-out inspection fee on most of our domestic properties run at between $99.00 to $190.00 depending on the size of your property and how many zones requiring inspection.

Plus! If you authorise us within 7 days to perform our reported repairs we will not charge you a second call out fee to return. All works carried out after a Winter Shutdown Inspection during May, June or July this year come with a 10% parts and labour discount.

Discount offers exclude 3rd Party trades ie Driller, Electrician.

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