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Reticulation Standards Are Not The Same – Are you paying too much?

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”2″ gal_title=”All Galleries”] Over the years I have seen some pretty atrocious workmanship but I was flabbergasted that a high profile property maintenance company who promote themselves as competent landscapers and reticulation installers and repairers would leave their client

Reticulation Controller Problems

Reticulation: Control Box Problems or Issues Call us to diagnose your control box problems. Did you know that just because you can’t see anything on your control boxes screen it doesn’t necessarily mean that it requires replacing. Countless control boxes

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Reticulation Controller Video Tutorials

Reticulation Controller Video Tutorials The links supplied below will take you to a collection of video tutorials explaining how to program the various different controllers we supply plus some of the other popular controllers we see and recommend based on

Sprinkler Ban Infomation

Perth Winter Sprinkler Bans Come the 1st of June every year all mains fed irrigation systems should be turned off and remain off until the 1st of September every year. Bores can be and should be set to water once

K&K Reticulation Services

The place to come for Professional Work at Lower Prices. What we can do for you Service Area’s & Pricing Winter Discounting Explained    

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