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At K&K Reticulation Services we understand irrigation and it’s pitfalls. 90% of systems in Perth are not watering efficiently or effectively and therefor they are wasting your water and your money and not giving you the results that you came to know when your system was first installed.

The reason for this is simply that quality sprinklers that watered beautifully for 15 to 20 years with out a hiccup have died and have been replaced with inferior sprinklers that distribute uneven amounts of water and let out way to much water in relation to the remaining quality sprinklers in your system.

These inferior sprinklers in the ground promote brown and patchy looking lawn and they increase the frequency of replacement due to the fact that they stand up out of the ground and don’t retract as they should waiting to be constantly broken by the lawn mower man……..sometimes within 6 months.

A birthday revolves around re-resurrecting your existing system and bringing it back to it’s former glory or to the same standards as a new install done by us. We go through your system station by station replacing the following items:

1) Two inch lawn sprinklers where 3 inch lawn sprinklers can be installed. This reduces your servicing costs going forward because they don’t need raising as often as a 2 inch lawn sprinkler.

2) Inferior sprinklers that let out two much water and do not retract after 3 – 6 months of installation making them vulnerable to constant damage by the lawn mower man. These same sprinklers create mismatched precipitation which encourages and creates the brown patchy lawn syndrome that no amount of fertilizing will resolve.

3) Re-position and raise lawn sprays when and if required. Sometimes we find poor initial installations leave sprinklers slightly stretched causing dry spots. We will re-arrange these sprinklers so that the new spacing’s promote even and matched precipitation through out all your lawn areas.

4) We attend to garden beds with the same dedication to detail raising and replacing sprays where required so that all your garden beds are completely wet.

When we are finished you will be astounded and smiling at the results.

We warrant our workmanship and our products for 12 months.

Finally all birthday clients then become Pre-Summer Service Clients. That means every August September you will receive a call from us for a follow up visit every year to clean around your sprinklers and raise them where necessary as your lawns and gardens change each year.

But more importantly the visit is to deal with any issues that have appeared since we saw you last. Ensuring you have hassle free watering every summer while others are waiting weeks to get their issues seen to in the middle of the heat.Call us now to get the ball rolling on Ph 0439941358 for Tim or book us via the form below.

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Note: We message or call our clients twice a year for all important money saving shut down and start up servicing. This keeps their systems in tip top shape and helps them avoid lengthy waits for service when the season proper takes off in late September. Please select your contact type for this free twice a year courtesy call here. EmailSMSPhone CallNo Thanks

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